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copper tape ripped on my iPod4th gen while installing a new screen

I was recently installing a new ipod touch 4th generation screen for my cracked touch and as i was prying the ipod apart near the camera the copper tape connecting the rear facing camera to the steel mid plate was ripped in half is there a way i could maybe patch the coppertape up please help

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I wouldn't waste my time. It's not too essential and my repairs where that piece has torn etc haven't been effected. Just put the piece back as best you can.

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thx gunna fix it up and see how it runs right quick!

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ok i fixed it all up aaaand it cant connect to the wifi

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your wifi has nothing to do with te copper tape. wifi is located on the top left

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Wifi is that silly little push tab cable that sits on top of the white plastic corner piece ( ie top left corner) try just pressing the connector on and inspect for tears, they do tend to stick to the back of the screen when you lever it up.

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