Source for rough in box transformer

I have replaced a damaged relay on my M&S N350 whole house intercom system motherboard, and miraculously, the whole thing was working again! Yay!

During reassembly, I accidentally damaged the transformer that sits inside the rough in box and transforms the house power into the 15V power source for the board.

I know that these units were installed all over the place in the 80's, so does anyone have any leads on how I could find a replacement transformer?

I've already written the manufacturer, and they said "part is obsolete"

The writing on the transformer is as follows:

BE20930001 06A

PRI. 120 V, 50/60HzBLK-WHT



Class 2 XFMR


Basler, Electric Highland, Illinois.

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did you ever figure out the solution to the broken transformer. I have one of these unit and the supply is failing.

I too need the exact transformer mentioned above for my M&S N350 system. Did you ever find a solution for the "obsolete" transformer?

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