Won't power up due to magnet(s)

Have already looked at the troubleshooting chart for this. I was given the iBook to look at. After determining what the problem(s) could be, the owner decided not to bother fixing it and gave it to me.

I was told that someone put a magnet(s) on it and then it wouldn't power up. My question is; what would be the most likely problem? The DC-in board or the motherboard?

I'd like to have this if I could fix it, but don't want to spend too much doing so.

Thank you for your help.

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The magnet probably erased some, if not all of the hard drive. Try starting up from the system installation disk by inserting the disk and holding down the "C" key. If this works go to disk utilities and re-format the hard drive and install a system.

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The big boys use electro-magnets to mass erase hard drives.

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If it won't turn on, or do anything at all, there's a chance that the magnets may have done more damage to the computer than just wiping the drive. Though the likelyhood of this is incredibly low, they may have wiped the computer's ROM, or some other important chip on the logic board. A wiped or corrupt ROM would render the logic board completelly useless, and therefore the computer as well. Could you give me more detailed info on the problem?

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