10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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6r8 back light coil

hi i need to find a 6r8 coil and also 2r2 can you help at all please as ive been looking for these parts for some time now.thankyou

can email me at ool@hotmail.co.uk

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David Reeves, you can get both coils from Mouser.com as well as many other places. The 6r8 is a 6.8UH (most common 4.5A) and the 2r2 is a 2.2UH (UH=micro Henries) Hope this helps, good luck.

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hi oldturkey03 ive got the website that you gave me thankyou.just wanted to ask about my galaxy tab p7510,although the backlight is quite dim on the screen which i was thinking that the 6r8 coil may be failing also the whole screen as in the graphics are displayed in like a negative that you would get on a camera ie: all the colors are mixed up and its hard to make out anything on the screen.do you think that replacing the 6r8 and 2r2 would resolve this problem or do you think that the nvidia graphics chip may be failing?i did notice that the water damage sticker had gone pink on the logic board although the tablet has not been in water but may have been left in a damp place.

Many thanks for your advice and getting back to me so quick :)

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David Reeves, that sounds more like a bad LCD. The coils usually do not distort or color change the image. If you have a good multimeter, a magnifying sources and steady hands, you could try and measure the coils (inductors). I suggest that you start off by cleaning the board and all connectors/cables with a high grade isopropyl alcohol. Check for missing or burned components and corrosion. After that, reevaluate and see what it shows. Again, from your description, it does sound more like a bad LCD, of course there is always the chance of a damage video IC, but I'd start with the easy stuff. Thank you for accepting my answer.

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yeah i bought a new lcd screen and replaced all the ribbons as like you say try sort the easy things first :) i will try cleaning the board and put the multimeter on and see what comes up.

if you dont mind i will give you the readings in a few days see what you think.

Thank you again for your quick response,much appreciated

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Sounds good. I'll be around:)

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hi,i checked the 2r2 and 6r8 both were reading 00.1 which tells me they are working? im not really sure what else to test to be honest with you.

Here is a link to youtube and you can see the screen how it is.

http://youtu.be/aREGEOZGx7Q its looking quite slim with the repair and thinking sell on ebay as spares or repair see if can get anything for it lol

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