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The Nissan Altima is a mid-size automobile manufactured by Nissan, and is arguably a continuation of the Nissan Bluebird line, which began in 1957.

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auto trans remove and replace

how to remove the trans

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dennis davis, somewhat hard to explain on here. The service manual makes it sound easy enough but sure looks like a big job to me:


1. Remove battery and bracket.


2. Remove air cleaner assembly. Refer to EM-17, "Removal and Installation" .

3. Disconnect terminal cord assembly harness connector and park/neutral position (PNP) switch harness connectors.

4. Disconnect the following connectors:

 terminal cord assembly

 park/neutral position (PNP) switch

 revolution sensor

 vehicle speed sensor

 mass air flow sensor

 turbine revolution sensor


5. Remove LH mounting bracket from transaxle and body.

6. Disconnect control cable at transaxle side.

7. Remove drive shafts. Refer to FAX-11, "FRONT DRIVE SHAFT"

8. Drain ATF from transaxle.

9. Remove push clips and engine undercover.

10. Disconnect fluid cooler piping.

11. Remove starter motor from transaxle.

12. Support engine.

13. Remove upper transaxle to engine bolts.

14. Remove front suspension member. Refer to FSU-15, "Removal and Installation" .

15. Remove rear cover plate and torque converter to drive plate bolts.


Rotate crankshaft for access to torque convertor bolts.

16. Support transaxle with a jack.

17. Remove lower transaxle to engine bolts.

18. Lower transaxle while supporting it with a jack.



1. Disconnect the mass air flow sensor electrical connector.

2. Disconnect the tube clamp at the electronic throttle control actuator and the fresh air intake tube.

3. Remove air cleaner to electronic throttle control actuator tube, air cleaner case (upper), with mass air flow sensor attached.

4. Remove mass air flow sensor from air cleaner case (upper), as necessary.


Handle the mass air flow sensor with care:

 Do not shock it.

 Do not disassemble it.

 Do not touch the internal sensor.

5. Remove the resonator in the fender, as necessary.



1. Remove the wheel and tire.

2. Remove brake caliper and disc rotor.

3. Remove the cotter pin and wheel bearing lock nut using power tool.


Brake caliper does not need to be disconnected.


Do not twist or stretch brake hose when moving components.

4. Remove the engine undercover.

5. Loosen the lower ball joint nut and separate the lower ball joint transverse link using Tool.

6. Disconnect the connecting rod from the strut. Refer to FSU-11,

"Removal and Installation" .

7. Separate drive shaft from knuckle by lightly tapping it. If it is hard to remove, use a puller.


Cover boots with shop towel so as not to damage them when removing drive shaft.

8. Remove support bearing bolts using power tool, and pull righthand drive shaft from transaxle using suitable tool as shown.

9. Remove lefthand drive shaft from transaxle.

— For QR25DE M/T models —

Pry off drive shaft from transaxle using a suitable tool as shown.

Tool number : HT72520000 (J-25730-A)

— For QR25DE A/T models —

Insert screwdriver into transaxle opening for right drive shaft and strike with a hammer.

Be careful not to damage pinion mate shaft and side gear.

— For VQ35DE models —

Remove drive shaft from transaxle using Tool and drive shaft puller or suitable tool.

– Set Tool and a drive shaft puller or suitable tool between drive shaft (slide joint side) and transaxle as shown, then remove drive shaft.

10. Remove oil seal from transaxle case.



1. Remove wheels and tires using power tool.

2. Remove engine cover and undercover.

3. For vehicles equipped with the VQ35DE engine, install the engine slingers into the front of the left cylinder head, and the right rear cylinder head as shown. Then support the engine from the engine slingers using suitable tool.

4. Remove the splash shields.

5. For vehicles equipped with the VQ35DE engine, remove the two

LH transaxle mounting insulator bolts.

6. Remove the lower ball joint cotter pin and remove the lower ball joint nut using power tool.


Discard the cotter pin and use a new cotter pin for installation.

7. Disconnect the lower ball joint from the steering knuckle using Tool as shown.

8. Remove the front exhaust tube using power tool.

9. Remove the power steering line bracket from the front suspension member.

10. Remove the mounting bolts on the lower side of the steering gear.

11. Disconnect the front and rear engine mount electrical connectors, if equipped.

12. Disconnect the connecting rod from the front strut using power tool.

13. Set Tool under the front suspension member, then remove the mounting nuts from the front suspension member using power tool.

14. Remove the mounting bolts from the front suspension member pin stay on the vehicle body side using power tool.

15. Remove the through bolts from the front and rear engine mounts.

16. Lower the suspension member slowly.

If necessary, remove the exhaust hanger bracket from the front suspension member.

If necessary, remove the front and rear engine mounts.

If necessary, remove the transverse link.

;) Hope this helps, good luck.

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