Why does my MBP kernal_task exceed 100% and drop wifi connection?

Several months ago my MBP started to occasionally become very slow while browsing the net to the point of being unusable. A restart would clear up the problem for a while ranging from a few days to weeks. After this happened a few times I started checking system monitor and discovered that the 'kernal_task' process was running at over 100%. Last week it started happening again after several weeks of normal operation only this time a restart did not clear the problem. After several restarts, I turned off WiFi and then it started fine but when I started WiFi, within 30 seconds, the kernal_task process went up over 100%. Today after being shut down for 24 hours, I started it up (WiFi turned off) and then once it was up turned WiFi on and its now been running normally for a couple of hours.

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Do you run an antivirus/internet safety program? You could be experiencing malware phoning home.

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I would boot the machine from an external device and then test the wifi. If everything work as it should then there's a software issue on your internal HD. If you get the same behavior with the external OS then the airport card (or the airport circuit on the logic board) could be the culprit. I'd try to reseat the card first.

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