Crashes after loading the computer and displays horizontal lines

As of today, my laptop has started to show horizontal lines after I try to load it.

Block Image

It allows me to give an option either going into the windows or mac osx. Windows would not load at all, as it would give me different colors on a display, but not black, and into mac osx it would load

Block Image


when it would load in to mac, it would give me horizontal lines, just as pictured

Block Image

Block Image


The mouse courser would still be able to be accessed, as it moves, but no application/Programs would open.

I tried changing the ram, the same situation, no difference. Played with different inputs for RAM, makes not difference, looks the same.

Thank you in advance.

Some help please would be appreciated.

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Sounds like your GPU - connect to an external monitor. If you see the same lines it confirms the GPU/aka logic board. If not it's likely a cable or the LCD.

You can replace the cable, LCD logic board, depending on what the external test shows, or, someone said on another thread that an ebay vendor does repair/reflows on the GPU.

Check out the cost of both options and your pocketbook. Make a decision.

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