Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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The copper stripe ruptured - is it a problem?


by opening and closing several time at least the little copper stripe rutured.

After changing the battery and wifi antenna the iPod get realy warm at the left backside (not the cam side) and the battery charging goes very fast down.

Is it possible that the copper stripe must be fixed or what failure is this 'heatproblem' ?

Best regards Steve

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I believe the copper tape is for grounding the battery in some way..

Never heard of an iPod have issues when it was ripped

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Hi and thanks Con,

with the copper tape that's ok - but do you have an idea because of the heating at the backside ? I noticed also that the wlan signal is weak ...

Hope you have one more idea


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No the copper tape has nothing to do with wifi signal.. The wifi antenna is on top left of iPod the orange flex cable and it clips underneath the logic like the digitizer cable.. Replacing that should boost your wifi signal or clip and unclip the one that's in it now and see does that reset it

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