Keyboard backlight repair or replace?

I recently lost the backlight on my early 2008 macbook pro model A1260. I thought it was a bad battery causing the issue as I needed to replace it. However, after replacing the bad battery with a brand new one, I still have no lighting on my keyboard. The caps light comes on, but no other keys light up. So my question is, should I replace the left ambient sensor, or replace the LED board seen here MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LED Driver Board.

My screen works just fine, but my keyboard lights except the caps light do not work.

MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LED Driver Board 이미지


MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LED Driver Board


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No, I keep food and drinks away from my macbook pro, I care to much about it, lol. I did try resetting the SMC which unfortunately did not fix the issue. It started when I first got the service battery soon message. But replaceing then battery, then resetting the SMC did not fix the problem. I know the ambient light sensor is about a year or so old as I had to replace it when I bought the laptop used. But before I spend any more cash, I want to make sure or at least narrow down what the issue is.

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I would start off resetting the SMC to see if that fixes it. Follow this Apple TN Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC).

Did you spill anything onto your keyboard or sit it down on a wet surface?

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Try placing a piece of cardboard across the speaker where the photo sensor is then alter the settings from the function keys any improvement? If not then it's possible the sensor circuit has a problem.

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Hi Dan, I tried your suggestion and no change, still no keyboard lights. But the caps light does work and has worked even after the other keyboard lights quit working. So would I be correct in assuming that replacing the ambient light sensor will fix this issue?

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I would check its wiring and the switching logic

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Okay so interesting thing this morning. I opened her up, checked & triple checked all the wiring, all appears to be in order, no loose connections behind the screen or on the logic board & keyboard. I went into system prefs and put a check mark in the box to adjust the keyboard lighting in low light. With a bright light above the macbook on, the keys to brighten the keyboard are automatically switched off and I can not adjust the keyboard lighting. However, with the bright light off, the keys to adjust the keyboard lighting work, but still only the caps key light works. So now I am totally at a loss as to what is causing the issue. My screen brightness is totally fine and can be adjusted without any issues, so I highly doubt it is an LED board issue. Any ideas? I am not quite sure what you mean by switching logic, sorry if that sounds stupid. :)

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