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2013 Air Running but sketchy after drop

We have new Macbook Air that was dropped on its front corner. It made a small flat spot on the edge, but otherwise it's psychically fine.

It boots and gets to a desktop and is somewhat usable much of the time. However the fan starts going full blast almost immediately and it becomes slow and unstable over time.

Also, we cannot get the machine to enter any diagnostics, reset SMC or other options at boot. Holding down any keys while booting does nothing, it just boots to the desktop and starts blowing the fan.

I was thinking a logic board, but not really sure if it could be something else. I opened it up and there is nothing obviously wrong.

Thanks for any input on this.

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Try plugging in a USB keyboard (doesn't have to be Apple) and using those keys. I suspect, and you really need to know, if a fan or sensor was damaged from the fall.

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I agree, it sounds like a fan or temp sensor. Are you saying I should use the other keyboard so I can try and get into diagnostics to see about the fan sensor? I never even considered that an external might work where the built in wouldn't.

I'll give the USB keyboard a try.

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YES - that may work.

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That worked, thanks much for that!

Diagnostics shows an issue with the SMC reference code PFM006, an issue with the SD card reader reference code VDC001 and an issue with the keyboard reference code NDR001.

Any idea of all that point to a common part or issue?

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Sorry, I don't know - perhaps a more knowledgeable volunteer will jump on this thread.

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You'll have to open the machine and check if all connectors are well seated in their sockets.

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