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Turbocharger needs to be changed,can it be overhauled

i have a volkswagen jetta diesel version 2009 model,there is a whistling noise and service provider recommends to change the unit TURBOCHARGER and they do not have repair bench for the same.Replacement is an expensive option, can we overhaul it, is it possible to balance it dynamically since it has variable geometry and it rotates at 140000 rpm.kindly guide me i am from INDIA.Narayanan lakshmanan

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What model is your engine exactly?

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Thank you very much for the timely guide i am working on the project i shall get back to you after organizing the entire schedules.Narayanan lakshmanan

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NARAYANAN LAKSHMANAN, yes it is possible. With the right tools, knowledge and parts. A good start would be a rebuild kit from vendors like this. A rebuild kit is around $100-$200. This video gives you a bit of an idea what is involved. Here is a good overall video. A new turbocharger for yours (VW does not make Turbo chargers, but I believe they are made by Borg Warner Turbo Systems) is around $900-$1000. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I do not know the exact information about the parts in your car, but you'd be surprised at how many parts you can find out there for a home repair. I had to replace the turbocharger unit on my Volkswagen a while back, and I was able to get a new unit off of eBay for less than 300 USD (The price the dealer quoted was much higher), so I would imagine if you could find you exact part number, you could get a new unit. There may also be a mechanic that is near to you that does balancing, which is an option as long as the core of the turbo isn't damaged. See what you can find on eBay, since while I am looking now, I can find several turbo revisions for the '09 Jetta TDI, but I don't know the exact one that you need. I would suggest looking around for the part, it would probably yield some cheap solutions if you wouldn't mind putting in some work.

Hope this Helps


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