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Does iLife '09 work with non-Apple DVD burners?

Hello iFixit

I have a 17" MacBook Pro from 2009, and iLife '09

Well, my High School got all the teachers new computers, and there is one problem: These new computers(13" MacBook Pro Non-Retina) do not have iDVD, because they have iLife '11, and Apple pulled iDVD from their laptops, most likely due to the rMBP lacking a internal DVD drive

Here's the problem: My internal DVD drive is busted in the sense it reads DVD's(CD's with mixed luck) but doesn't want to burn a CD or DVD without failure, and I don't want to replace it due to the age of the notebook itself, and the fact I may very well be locked into Apple firmware drives for my machine-neither of which I want to deal with

My response to this is a external DVD burner in lieu of a dead internal DVD burner-I use the Samsung SE-S084, which can be found here if anyone needs to see what I have for a burner, because they may need this computer for a project and I don't want to find out later this will be a problem

I hear iLife '09 can be finicky with some non-Apple DVD burners? Is this true, because I can't use the Apple USB Superdrive on my laptop, due to not having a 2012 or Retina MacBook Pro, so this was the next best thing I could buy to solve my problem due to the price-I got this for 10.00 used, and it works just fine

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Though we generally do not answer software problems…if you save your iDvd project as a disk image, you can mount the disk image and burn it outside of iDvd… problem solved.

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