Keyboard/trackpad not functioning properly

After getting a few drops of water on the laptop; some of the keys don't work, and the trackpad only acts as a right click. Using an external keyboard has the same issue. Another thing is the fan sounds loud sometimes.

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You have liquid damage. How much can only be determined with more exploration. Purchase the proper tools (every job is easier with the correct tools). Study the guide & comments to open your machine so you do not do more damage pulling connectors off the logic board. You will have to look for corrosion and swollen/burned components. Use the tags at right to see what you are in for.

At the least you need a new top case… if you're skilled (and masochistic) you can try replacing just the keyboard and trackpad it's a real challenge.

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Thank you for your reply. I'm going to have the top case and trackpad replaced. I will update after the repairs are made.

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if you have the same issue using an external keyboard then the keyboard controler IC on the logic board is damaged or affected by the liquid. To access the controler and clean it the logic board must be remove from the computer.

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