Model A1297 / 2.66, 2.8, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Demanding unspecified problem causing boot problems/Shut downs.

Ok, this problem will be challenging to solve. But I hope there is a Whiz who can help me out.

- Problem : Macbook won't boot, or boots and doesn't get across grayscreen.

- Observations :

1. When connecting with magsafe, the macbook won't boot at all.

2. Although the booting problem, the magsafe still charges up the battery

3. Disconnecting the magsafe will allow to boot the macbook on battery.

4. When the computer boots, and suddenly shuts down again I hear a click in the HDD.

5. Hardware that I tested :

- Battery : Working

- Ports (usb-ethernet-firewire etc.) : Working

- Fans : Working.

- Cd-drive : Working

- HDD: Working partly, sometimes I am able to boot the HDD to my desktop. But every setting I try to adjust with the HDD (format-reinstall OSX) results in a random Shutdown.

- Trackpad/keyboard : Working

- Batterylight, light on front: Working

- Speakers : Working.

- Possible and personal thoughts:

I think there has to be a short-circuit occurring in the logicboard. The problem with not booting when magsafe is connected leads me to that connection on the logicboard but I am not certain.

Any help possible would be appreciated.

Ps: I am not a Whiz, I just like to research problems myself.

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I've been able to boot the macbook a couple of times without instant shutdown, which gives me hope I can repair it.

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I think you may have two or more issues. The charger problem might be a damaged DC-in board, and at the same time your HD is failing or the OS is corrupt.

Not completely booting often points to a HD issue. Have you tried a safe (shift) boot, a single user boot (command-S), a boot to repair (command-R) and run disk tools to examine the boot partition? If you can't get any of the alternate boots to work could you put the HD in and external case and test it from another mac (that would prove HD suspect as right or wrong).

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Thanks for your answer machead3.

The things I've tried:

-Resetting PRAM (problem not fixed)

-Resetting SMC (problem not fixed)

-Safeboot ---> I land on a screen with serious graphical glitches (Screen split into 4)

- Booting from CD ---> Doesn't give the HDD click-shut down problem. But every action I want to take (reinstall OSX or format HDD) results in a Shutdown.

- Disconnecting HDD and replacing with another HDD running OSX ---> Can't boot across Grayscreen.

- Boot to repair ---> same problem

I've actually been able to succesfully boot my mac a couple of times and from the normal desktop I can acces disk repair without a shutdown. I have checked the permissions (no red ones) and repaired them. After reboot the problem starts allover again :)

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There are no software fixes for hardware problems… So an SMC reset bumps the EFI but it can't do anything for a physically damaged DC-in, logic board or battery. That a different also HD has issues points to cable, connector or logic board problems. Can you get AHT (D-boot) to run? That should point out a sensor, or other logic board issue. Was the machine damaged by liquid? In some cases only a logic board replace will work - unless you have the eyes and other tools to spot burned, swollen component damage - and skills to replace them.

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Hey Machead3, I have some updates on this topic, I've been searching deeper into the problem.

- I wanted to know if the HDD was corrupt and causing the boot problem/shutdowns. I have disconnected the HDD, connected to another computer with SATA cable and formatted the HDD. So the problem isn't coming from the HDD.

- After some searching online I've noticed alot of topics about the HEATSINK in MBP's causing critical errors, so I am trying to replace the cooling pasta right as we speak. So I am hoping fixing this will get me closer to repairing the MBP.

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