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4세대 iPhone. 수리는 간단하지만 앞면 유리와 LCD를 하나의 유닛으로 교체해야 합니다. GSM / 8, 16 또는 32GB 용량 / Model A1332 / 검정 또는 흰색.

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will not power backup after repair

Took phone apart replaced power button and put back together tried to turn it on will not come back on thought the battery might be dead plugged the charger in now the only thing it does is bong repeatedly does not light up or anything

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It looks like your phone is on. But LCD is not turning on. Bong sound means it is on and charging.

Maybe 1 : everything is ok. Just reboot. How : remove the battery connector and LCD connector and reconnect both. Plug in to charger to see apple logo.

Maybe 2 : LCD cable damaged while power button fix. You need a new LCD.

Maybe 3 : some components on mainboard just next to LCD connector are damaged. It needs to be soldered under microscope.

Good luck ...

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