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24" 화면; 내장 iSight 카메라, 마이크 및 스피커; 1920x1200 해상도. 2008년 10월 출시, 모델 번호 A1267로 식별.

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All-in-one cable or logic board problem?

Hi! When I connect the USB portion of my monitor's all-in-one cable to any computer (well, either my macbook air or my mac mini), it says that the USB port is drawing too much power and that I need to disconnect it. This leaves my monitor non-functional in some respects, such as the speakers will not play sound, and I cannot use the ports on the back of the monitor.

Is it possible that I could repair this just be replacing the all-in-one cable? Or might the logic board somehow have been fried?

Everything else about the monitor seems to work just fine--the picture is great, and the power cord still charges my macbook air. FYI - I have not had anything plugged into the USB ports on the back of the monitor when this problem has occurred.

Thanks in advance!

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The USB ports on the display are powered by the displays power supply as such the USB connection to your laptop shouldn't be drawing any power.

So the question is is the cable damaged visibly? If not I would suspect the displays USB hubs port logic is damaged or the power supply is not supplying the needed power to the the internal USB hub. At this point you will need to open the display up to inspect things and do a little probing testing the USB connecters & power supply voltages.

Try this with a good working powered (AC powered) USB hub connect your MacBook air to it and then connect your display to this hub. Lastly plug in something in to one of the displays USB ports are you able to access (see) the device?

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All parts of the cable cable--including the pins inside the USB portion--seem to be in perfect condition.

I will try to get my hands on a powered USB hub in order to perform the test you recommend. I'll check back in once the test is complete. Thanks!

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