Completely dead, no power! no light on magsafe Need help!

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Bought this macbook, was told the macbook wouldn't turn on because of a little water damage. i opened the macbook and saw just a little corrosion and lots of dust, after cleaning every thing with alcohol and air duster, i fitted a new working keyboard, but the macbook didn't turn on, no magsafe light.

I then replaced the Dc board and the battery, still nothing, the logic board seems completely dead.

i noticed that the tiny component right on the top, next to the lvds connector is missing and a fuse next to it is also missing

the component that is missing has 3 legs on one side and the other side has 2 legs, right next to it, there is suppose to be a tiny fuse (on the right) which is also missing. if you see a picture of the logic board, you will understand what im saying.

Could it be the reason why its not showing any magsafe light?

I really want to get this macbook working. i have some knowledge of multimeters and soldering, i also have all the rework and solder equipment,

Im just not good at identifying components, i can upload some pictures, i just need help finding the component on mouser or any other website that sell them.

Thank you :)

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Waseem, to identify the components, post some images with your question. your description is good, but no sufficient and we would only be guessing. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question to add images.

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Hi oldturkey03, i really appreciate the reply, here are the pictures

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Waseem, reference designator U2594 it is a OPA330 1.8V, 35uA, Zero-Drift CMOS Operational Amplifier you can get the datasheet from here The second piece is C2599 which is a 0.1 uF 10V 20% capacitor in a 402 package. It is definitely available at places like or Hope this helps, good luck.

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Sorry missed your other question. The component you are referring to is reference designator C4008 1000pF 2KV 10% in a 1206 package.

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