Bolts on a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta?


A friend of mine recent got a new 2003 VW Jetta, and his birthday is coming up. I thought a I would get him a set of all the types of bits on his car, but I can't find what types are on the vehicle. Does anyone know what kinds are used (torx, etorx, hex, allen, pentalobe, ect), or where I can find that kind of info? Bonus points for what types are on what types of thing (ie triple square on sensors).

Thanks for your help guys!

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Theres a specific tool for timing them, a few specific pullers for the engines but mostly you'll find metric hex head bolts like you find on most other vehicles. Add to that the occasional triple square and a bunch of metric allen head bolts.

If you want to get him one thing for the car, buy him VCDS. A regular OBD2 scanner is very limited use on a VW. (its not cheap though)

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