Best way remove broken audio jack from sound card

One of my colleagues at work has managed to break off the end of the audio cable inside the audio port.

Tried the old pen and super glue trick, which apparently doesnt work!

So I've just been to visit the local mac repair guy, and has quoted £110 + vat, which I nearly choked at hearing.

I'm pretty tech savvy guy and understand the basic's of taking mac's apart, but just wondered if anyone had any pointers or tips as to how best remove the snapped jack from the inside.

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How to replace or repair the headphone jack? that takes a lot of time, and, possibly a new jack which you have to pull from a damage board as you'll never find one for sale. A USB workaround is suggested from the link… I usually recommend that myself.

If you do not have experience soldering on circuit boards it's best to let a pro do it.

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