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모델 A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 또는 3.1 GHz Core i7 프로세서

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AHT Temp Sensor error

I have a AHT error 4 SNS /1/ C0000008.T L op - -1 2 4

Apple store tested with their super AHT Temp sensor LCD Tethered can not read TCON local can not read. when Icalled Chat the guy said " Did you try to install Windows and failed many times ? I told him I bought it as junk from the Second Hand Shop I am not the first owner Then he changed the subject.

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With no history on the machine you really don't know what you are getting into. Obviously someone else gave up on this machine. If I were working on it, I'd first open it up and go through the guides to see if all the sensors are connected correctly. See if the hard drive is original, (does it have an Apple logo on it). See if it will start up holding down the "R" key. Then reformat it and reinstall the system.

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Thank you Sir.

I have always seen your kind, helpful contributions whenever I go to iFixit , I name it I Fix iT.

And if I were Apple I would replace some SO CALLED Geniuses with honest people at iFixit

I am doing a lot of tests and want to research this issue at the deepest level because I have 3 ,2 20 inch 1 17 inch broken iMac G5 with heat sensor fan issues.

And this is a design and build issue.

My intention is for the sake of RE USE and not just dump and recycle but to fix and prevent breaking by investigating the causes and I think Apple is not helpful ,I am trying to help Apple by sharing my experience and time and money into getting better products for all and maintaining them.

I agree with iFixit we have to respect the maker of the work that is gone into Devices even though it has flaws and WE must improve on it ,it is us that demand this and WE most promote ethical Production and Maintaining and Modding to use up any object even the small Aliminioom clip object that hold your news socks together.

I own 30 odd broken and good old machines and devices and spent a lot of money in testing and using these.

I salvaged a 2001 Cinema display from Tohoqoo Daigaqoo Sendai City University this winter ,They have been replacing everything after the Earthquake and Apple Mahines got broken and they dump them , it was in the rain and I took it home ,on the way it fell on the concrete ground ,but still after careful dismantling and drying and fixing I plugged it to a Power Mac G3 and after installing Tiger 1 hour I was watching Speed 2001 Machine survived earthquake .rain, dropping on Concrete and yet 2012 2 month after ACPP expired the Mother board needs replacing ! .some thing is wrong ! with design and build or parts.


I am not an Engineer or University educated and have very little learning of systems but my experience with broken things and fixing .I must admit I have broken things by mistake and investigating the build and design systems devices but I always try to inderstand the actions and causes and weaknesses of machines because

in Japan we have earthquakes and we must take that into consideration when building a society and the means of production.

I do not want to spend money yet but I want to try an other way by fixing the part that is broken without replacing 99% of the none broken parts.

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I do this to help others. Give the Geniuses a little break. They are only trained on the current models and have very little real world experienced. They are there to help you buy something so the store can make money and pay them. I am here to help you fix something and extend its useful life. I am old, as are most of the top answer people here that try to help others. I may be the oldest with the possible exception of Machead3 ;-) We will all do our best to help others. So if you need help fixing something, go to the old guy, he's closer to God because he/she will be seeing Him sooner. The older you get the more your father seems to know ;-)

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Dear Sir.

Yes ! we even not so young I being 50 plus misguided do not know until it is to late.Thank you Sir ,with due respect I gladly embrace your advice and wisdom May God bless you and your family and all who love life,nature and God ,My dearest belated father, I now realise how he tried to teach me to be good and thank for the wisdom of our great designer of the universes.

Returning to the issue of the iMac, at first I called for a Chat on Apple as an exception because the Machine's ACPP expire just 2 month ago. I gave him the Serial Number and he wrote 'Have you been trying to Install Windows and failed many time and broken the Machine ?

I told him that I was a new owner . He said that we can not continue with the Chat and then I could not get the transcript . Something is strange , I can not get any previous history from the original owner Apple are eager for me to have it repaired and said I must not use it or research into the causes ,you may break it further !

I asked the Shop that bought it off the owner and were selling as Junk he said that the machine will be broken up for spares then I said ok I will buy it ,thinking he does not know about Apple Machines and wants to get rid of it without repairing,he was preparing to pack it I paid and I asked for a special written receipt and asked for the paper they put on the machine giving details specs I got that and saw the test he had done I asked him why it was junk at that very expensive price ,he did not want to say and did not want me to see the data I said I ask him is it legal ,he suddenly said ,it is not for sale ! then I said you wanted to sell it then you do not I want to know that this is a legal sale it is my right ,he packed it and said there is no warranty I asked for all data had been deleted ,it was I looked at the box it was an internet purchase. to a coded company that means the exact address was masked and only delivery number.

I was asking too many questions but I know now they could not get into it to get the parts out and it would cost the same to repair as a new one Apple showed me a local Apple repairer and it was more expensive ,but when I gave them the info they Suddenly said we do not repair Junk ! the original owner must have been there too,if they repair it they might have more trouble at the same time Apple want to repair it because it may be a faulty part and they do not want to reveal the parts so to avoid a recall.

I said to Apple how come Widows was failed and broke the computer I said would never install wWindows despite boot camp and I seen many Japanese use windows on Macs because most do not like OSX They invested to much in Windows But they like the design and many good hardly used Macs are sold off after they are dis appointed with Windows on Mac.

And because of Chinese Korean and Japanese Bad relations most parts in Macs are Korean and Chinese there are politics involved !

aside from that Japanese do make good stuff But there is always a struggle between Apple Japan and Apple I was told by a manager of Apple Japan who worked in California for ten years and now Apple store Japan are employing Taiwanese and US natives because of this.

I am now awarded the Tenderfoot ! Thank you iFixit

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The following day 3/12 the anniversary of 3 year ago Tsoonami I installed the OS X and the Fan stopped for a while ,was Registering in then when it prompted to update Idid then after the Fans started up.

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