2 MacBook Pro's, same symptoms, will not start. I/O board?

I have TWO A1260 model MacBook Pros. One is a 2.4 and the other a 2.5. They both display the same symptoms so I will just refer to them as a single unit.

When I hit the start button it will not power up. From what I've read this could be the left I/O board but I still have questions.

The symptoms being displayed are, Just pushing the power button I get nothing. When I hold the power button down, the power indicator on the front fades in and out (like it was sleeping), then flashes about 3 times, then nothing. When I hold the power button down It does sound like the DVD drive is trying to read a disk that was left in one of them.

All of this happens whether I'm plugged in (using 85 watt adapter) or on just battery (still has some charge in it), or a combination of both.

I've reset the SMC. I get no beeps on startup.

Would these be symptoms of either the left I/O board or the Motherboard or maybe both? I'm trying to narrow it down.

Thank You

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The three flashes indicate a RAM issue. Use just one stick at a time and try it both slots to test both the RAM and the slots. The most common problem with this model is a bad nVidia 8600 GPU. Apple replaced them for free four 4 years but no longer support this issue. You are correct, the I/O boards also fail as does the battery connector. The machine will also not start most of the time with a battery that has less than 20% of the original capacity. So use the newest battery you have. This would be much easier if you had just one working machine that you could change out parts on to test them. You may have a single issues or multiple issues.

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Thanks, I will give that a try and post the outcome if any.

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