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I need some advice about my iPhone 4s and iPhone 3

I have a iPhone 4s not sure about its size. And I have a iPhone 3, not sure if it is a 3gs though... I need to replace both logic boards and was wondering if I can put a 32gb in a 16gb phone? Also if anyone could send me a link to buy these logic boards because I can't seem to find them online anywhere :( thanks in advance

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Cameron Maxwell, yes you can for as long as your replace an iPhone 4 logic board with another iPhone 4 logic board, same for the 3G or 3GS. To identify your 3G/3GS look at the back cover and give us the AXXXX numbers or take a look at the logic board images.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hi, thanks for a reply, very helpful. The iPhone 3 model no. Is A1303

And the iPhone 4 model no. Is A1387 any info about both the phones will be helpful too.

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The A1303 is a iPhone 3GS lots of info on here and the A1387 is a 4S with all the info right here. The logic boards are not readily available, so you will have to check places like ebay.com or Alibaba.com Thank you for accepting my answer.

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