Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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How much is a glass assembly kit?

I would like to start repairing glass assemblies for pay just as a referral kind of thing.

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Not sure what your asking are you asking what you would charge some1 for a repair on screen change?

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You can find multiple vendors on ebay and Amazon that sell the assembly. Prices vary from vendor to vendor. How much labor you charge will depend on your market (where you live; how saturated the area is with other businesses/people offering the repair). I have one vendor I buy my assemblies from. I'm not the highest repair business in town, but I'm not the cheapest. YMMV

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Bolling Terrence, if you are looking for the tools to start that business, you would be looking at a LCD Touch Screen Glass Separator Refurbishment Tool, around $200. To reapply a new glass/digitizer you would need LOCA/OCA glue, alignment molds and a t least one UV curing lamp. that stuff would run you about another $100 to $150 (depending on your glue), How much to charge for a complete finished assembly would depend on how much you would get a broken display for. Hope this helps, good luck.

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