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Repair guides and support for tablets produced by Lenovo including the ThinkPad tablet line.

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Why won't my Lenovo tablet turn back on?

Hello! I got my Lenovo tablet in June of 2013, but didn't begin using it until the following month. I wasn't frequently getting on my tablet until September of that year. I traveled with it across a few states and it had problems turning on, but managed to follow through until March of 2014. I left the laptop plugged in and charging for a few hours (to try and fix it), but it wouldn't turn back on. I don't want to pay obscene amounts to fix it or buy a new one, but if that's the case then I'll deal. Can you help me fix it ?

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The model please!

Lenovo Tablet: PC

are there any charging lights on when you plug in the cord?

No, nothing happens when i plug it in to charge

Mine is sony xperia… I got the same problem

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Try this:

1. Plug the power adapter into the Tablet

2. With the adapter plugged in, Hold down the power button for 20 seconds

3. Disconnect the power adapter from the Tablet and press the power button for 20 seconds.

4. Reconnect the power adapter and turn on the Tablet. It should power up just fine.

If this doesn't work, please return and we will continue to assist with your troubleshooting

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Hello I think I have the same issue and I have followed the steps showed above but it has completely failed. Please any other help rendered shall be of high importance

This also did not work for me

This has helped me to revive my old Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 1

I try that and did not work for my tablet

This worked for me on a Lenovo Thinkpad 2, although I only had to do steps 1-3 and it came on right away on step 3. Thank you!

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Hello future Googlers! I managed to figure this out as the previous suggestions posted did not work for my tablet (thinkpad tablet 2 Compliance ID: TP00043A)

What I did was (using the original AC adapter and usb cable plugged in to power):

plug in the power

using a straightened paper clip, insert it into the hole on the bottom edge of the tablet to the left of the docking port until you feel it click

hold for 20 seconds

remove clip

unplug power cable

insert clip again and hold for 20 seconds

plug power back in

press top power button

hope this helps!

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Richard1, you've saved me a massive headache. Thank you, worked like a charm.

For anyone's information, for me I would plug it in and it would say the built in battery needs to recharge. No matter how long I charged it, it would say the same.

Eventually it didn't power on at all!

Richard1's solution worked straight away.

I get a yellow low memory message in the top left corner of my tablet.

hi i have 2 lenovo tablets that did the same i am going to try what you have suggested but im not sure if its the original cable will it matter? thanks


Perfect! My daughter's tablet wouldn't work so I tried this and it worked like a charm. I also believe in Karma and I think you have a lot of good coming your way. Thanks Richard.

i tried it ....it wont work ..

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Try this:

Plug in the ac adapter that came with your tablet and hold the power button for 20 seconds.

Unplug the ac adapter and press the power button. Wait until it boots up. If you see the screen flash while booting, don't worry. When it boots up, plug in the ac adapter and let it charge for 1 hour. It should work.

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Thank you so much you just saved me a fortune and the hassle of getting someone to look at it. I am a strong believer in Karma and you will get some great Karma for taking the time to do this.

Omg I cant believe this work my tablet would not turn on for a week u saved my butt thanx

I need help asap

This worked for my Lenovo S8-50 TAB... thank you.

Thank you this worked a dream x

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Hi. We have a ThinkPad Tablet 2 that would not boot at all. All of the above suggestions was tried without success.

So we removed the back of the tablet and removed the cable from the internal battery - just for a few seconds. Then reconnected the cable to the battery and connected the charger cable to the tablet - and then it began to charge :-)

Apparently there is a protection circuit in the battery that must be reset if the battery is completely drained.

Hope that can help somone.

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hi lenovo A3500HV Tablet is not starting and when i tried to reboot it didnt work and now only the rebooting screen appears and is not even getting switched off until and unless battery low.plz help

Hello i have the lenovo yoga 2 and it just wont turn on but it charges my power button doesnt work so i only use the lenovo button to turn it on can u pls help

Remove charging cable, then pop off the back cover with 2 screw drivers. Once off the big black battery has a ribbon cable held by 2 tiny screws of which you'll need a very small phillips screw driver, and in my case a magnifying glass to see. Take those out and disconnect it for a min and reconnect / put screws back in. Then put cover back on, snaps right back in and do a hard reset of on button and volume button at same time for 8 sec.

Made an account just to say that your a f*cking genius Claus. Good on you!!

This worked perfectly! Basically just resetting the battery. Should have thought of that earlier! Thanks

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You should connect it to ur pc..... give some time so that it can chrge..... then press the volume key for a while........ ur tab will get connected to ur pc......... then try to go home page by clicking back button........ you may get a screen to reset ur tab...... reset n let it shut down.... tab may not start even den...... do the same procedure again... n dis tine wen u press back button u will get the home screen..... ur all data may be lost.... but ur tab will start working

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it is not okay to type ebonics you sound very dumb get some help learn more grammar P.S you're PATHETIC!

Maybe you should consider leaving your prejudice out when talking to others online. You may or may not realize this but the people you insult are, in fact, people. Also, consider the fact that while this may not be the case in this situation, some people have literacy problems.

hello,i am very sad.because,i have some problem on my lenovo a5000.i have bye it only 2 month ago .but,sad ihave lost my warrenty card.so,i cant change or repair it from lenovo service center. so,i try to repair it from other place.sorry,i forget to say u what ismy problem my phones truns on but show only a black lighted up screen.i can hear its logo sound.it on but show nothing.i also hear its volume up and down key sound and also hear unlocking sound.that means its touch is ok.but i wonna say to u that when i dont give prasare on the display or not drop it.so there are nothing to change my display.oh,sometime it show display and some time not.i also flash it.it work .but only for 20 minitue.then show again black screen .i dont know what happend with it.plz help me.kindly....................plz............plz,,,,,,,z


Well said Connor.

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Turn off the "sleep" setting. Set it to "Never"

Settings--> Device --> Display --> Sleep

scroll up to "never"

That worked for me!

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I cannot believe it! I turned it off and the battery indicator jumped from 19% to 31% in a second. Hope it chargers now.

My lenovo problem is very different from others....My tablet become automatic off at any time and dosn't on again....After two days trying,its turn on again but then also turn off after sometimes....So whats problem behind that...

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Hi, I have a Lenovo A3500-HV and it's stopped working.

After several attempts to get it on again, there is only 1 try that makes it working.

Just press the reset, power, volume up and volume down button all at once.

Android reset menu will appear and choose to restart it.

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Life saver!! my lenovo s5000 has been dead for almost a week! tried the reset hole but didn't work, tried the volume up-power buttons trick but didn't work! didn't think about pressing all of them all at once before this.

But when i go to recovery mode it says "no command"

Where would I find the reset button?

I was just going to ask that!

This does not work for me

no it failed for me

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I tried everything and nothing seemed to help, until I removed the memory card :-p

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After you remove the memory card then you just put it back in or ??

Honestly I thought this was a silly idea, but tried it and it worked for me. I just took out the sd card and the tablet started charging. I have not tried putting it back in yet.

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Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70.

My battery was also drained after two months of no use and the screen would not show anything.

Plugin in the original cable and pressing Power button did not work for me and neither recharging it for over an hour. Completely dead!

The only procedure that worked for me was to open the tablet by unclipping the back cover and detaching the battery flat cable and reconnecting it back. After that I pluged in the power cord and it started up like a charm!

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How do you detach the flat battery cable? I'm not sure what it looks like or how to disconnect it

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Hey guys I found how on lenovo tab

First download stock ROM(your model)

Second extract it and open so_flash_tool

Chose scatter file mt5860(like you model type

And connect your tab on PC and click on download

Your phone start at you do this

My garanti your tab is on

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Lenovo tab 2 A10 won't turn on

Unclip back case now look for the battery there is as clip with a metal case with 2 svrews unscre take clip of replace rescrew and it will turn straight back on the button pressing does not work tried for hours

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How do you unclip the back case?

thank u thank u thank u it worked for me

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Plugging and unplugging the original charger resolved mine.

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Simply go to the link https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/documen... & download the "Fix Tool" to your PC, worked for me. Nothing else did!

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Thank you! This is precisely what I needed! Thank you sir!

Page not found

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Hello all, I recently bought the Lenovo 7inch tab. I had the same problem of the Lenovo not turning on. I got a technician at my company have a look at it and he realised that most Lenovo tablets don't charge from custom USB ports that you can find in the style of Multi USB hubs or computer/laptop ports.

The solution: connect the lenovo directly to a single USB wall outlet.

This worked for me. Initially, I thought it was a LCD issue or a motherboard problem but, all it was that it wasn't being charged correctly. I was using a multi USB port to charge it and all it did was hold the power, not charge it further. Hope this helps :)

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Thanks for all the help in this thread - I finally got my tablet working again ! :-)

Bought my LENOVO TAB 2 A10-70 from Amazon, and was great for 13 months till one day it refused to turn on, completely dead.

1. Open up the tablet - there are no screws, so use a 'pry tool' or 'spudger'. (If you have to, try carefully where the power socket is). After you prise an opening, hold the TAB flat, and slowly run the pry tool around the edge, separating as you go.

2. Disconnect the battery by separating the contact, wait a minute then reconnect. You will need a very small screwdriver, tweezers and a steady hand. Be careful not to bend/damage the ribbon cable.

See this photo which I took from this blog. (No need to remove the battery).

3. Replace tablet cover (for safety).

4. Use original charger/cable to charge for an hour even though it looks like nothing is happening. (Another charger didn't work for me for this, even though my tablet had charged fine with any charger for a year).

5. Whilst still plugged in, press and hold power button for 20 secs.

6. Unplug charger from wall and tablet, and then press and hold power button for 20 secs again.

7. Repeat 4 to 6 until tablet boots (2 repetitions for me, ymmv). (Thanks to Gary, top of page.)

For me, the logo appeared with no boot sound, and then seemed to freeze for longer than usual on the logo, before finally showing the battery-charge indicator at 1%. Took about 5 hours to fully charge (as normal) and seems to be OK now. :-)

This does seem to be a serious design flaw by Lenovo, and I would hesitate before buying this brand again, despite being otherwise very pleased with my $140 TAB2. Maybe there is a specific reason for the TAB to shut down like this when power is exhausted, but to have such a non-consumer friendly fix is unacceptable.

Anyway, good luck everyone. :-)

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pug i up in the wall press the power button for 20 seconds take it out and repeat now it shoul turn on

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I didn't see this in the other comments but I thought I would add this answer from Lenovo:


I just found it today so I haven't tried it yet. Usually I fix the issue by powering down, and then turning on again, and I can do what I need to. Also I have upgraded to Windows 10 - still same issue so I plan to try the lenovo suggestion. Using ThinkPad 8

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go to the sd point press the 0 botton power on

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Make sure you have the original charge cable… plug it up and hold the power button until it vibrates and comes on

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Hold power button i for 60seconds, plug charger in wait about 6hours while keepong it on charge, take off charge hold power button in for, 60seconds or until it vibtates

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I created an account to tell you you're a &&^&^$^ genius , i'v tried all the methods doesn't work , but yours can't thank u enough, you guys if having 2301 : built in battery needs to recharge , this method helps

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I am struggling to get my tablet to turn on. I have had it for about 2 years leaving it untouched.

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Mine displays a solid red tight while charging but won’t power on and there is no serial or model number on my tablet

Hi there. Did you try to reset your lenovo. Is it X1? There is reset pin-hole. Insert pin and hold for 5 secs. It will reset. Dont worry - it WILL NOT delete anything. But your laptop will be able to restart again. I have had mind for couple of years now. Did freak it out when it happened - around that 2 yr mark. It happens every 6-8 months. not sure why. I just do that reset thingy and then it keeps working fine. But yes - get an external drive and keep saving your stuff every 2-3 months.

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..so anyway and a few years later.

Fixed my old tablet. Didn't do well with the latest Android (random update).

The Lenovo banner was flashing and vibrating.

Got a penguin too..



1 x Paper Clip

An optimistic outlook.

Unplug the nasty %$÷= from the power.

Then press [power+up/down] same time as inserting the opened paper into its hole..all simultaneously.

Boot started 👍

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