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Rear glass panels and camera lens replacement, parts and how-to?

My phone was in my front pocket and when leaned over the edge of the table to pick something up, the top glass and camera lens cracked. The glass shattered into a spiderweb but is still intact with the phone, the camera lens is cracked and several pieces fell out. The camera still works as the camera it self is not damaged from what i can tell and only the sapphire lens is cracked.

Currently the phone is living inside an otterbox preserver which has its own camera lens, so i have plenty of time to do the repairs properly and source the right parts.

Now for the question and help, where do I source OEM parts, mainly I'm looking to buy the glass panel, camera lens, and adhesive that goes on the glass panel. I have found very little information as to how to perform this repair WITHOUT taking the phone completely apart. With the glass being broken I am hoping to be able to heat it up enough for the glue to release and pick the glass out in pieces. From that point on it should be fairly easy. Has anyone done this before? Have you had any luck?

With as little information on this I will document this on video with detailed instructions on how I will perform the repairs once I have my ducks in a row so that the next person in my shoes can have an easier go at it.


Need glass panels for the back of the iPhone 5s, and sapphire camera lens.

Need any info on success of repairs without taking phone apart.

Will make a video and post to youtube to educate others.

Thanks in advance

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What's color of your iPhone5s?

You can get iPhone 5s top and bottom back glass and Camera Lens at here.

You have to teardown the iPhone 5s for replacing the rear glass.

If you pry rear glass up instead of disassembly, it is easy to break the back cover.

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I read somewhere that its almost impossible to remove the rear glass if its still in one piece but since its broken I understand its not that bad? i could be wrong, anyway, thank you for the links to the parts.

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