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Repair and disassembly guides for Dell printers.

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How to clear paper jam behind fuser in Dell Printer 1355cn?

I have a Dell 1355cnw color laser printer which worked great until I tried printing on photo paper one day. The paper jammed and a piece of it ripped and (I think) is lodged behind the fuser. LCD shows error code 077-900. I have checked support.dell.com and various blogs and it seems like I'm not alone. Tried removing the six screws from the back and that doesn't work. Only one person said that they had success going in from the front of the printer, but no reply on how he did it. Cannot find a service manual and Dell support hasn't been much help. Also, can't find a Dell walk-in service center in the area.

Any thoughts?

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Im not sure if my telling you will help as i have taken it apart and dismantled it and found nothing to constitute a paper jam. Here is how you get the case off.

!. Remove the input paper tray drawer, behind it you will find 2 screws remove them.

2.The case connects at the bottom and the top in tracks and then snaps in place on the corners. Take a stand screw driver and slowly pop open the seems working your way around the case. (Leave the corner units in place.

3. open rear door and remove the 2 top screws.

4. you will see where the scanner unit is screwed 2 two places in the front remove those and on the left side of the case you will a motherboard. as you lift off the scanner you will need to detach a ribbon cable and two flat cables so that it will be completely disconnected.

5. the remaining scanner bed has two screws in the back which need to be removed in order to get at the printer assembly.

First see where your jam is \I made the mistake of simply wrenching it out and i think i may have disconnected or damage a sensor.

If it is in the top most fusor. them you can simply remove the top 2 screws which frees up the guides and remove the paper.

BE CARE NOT TO BREAK a very fragile plastic rod the rides above the unit.

I have done that and am a still getting the error message.

I have also done a hard reset

vacuumed and cleaned it out including the toner bays.

Tomorrow I am going to buy a star screw driver as i could get the assembly apart because on screw is a weird start sharp. That will give me access to the entire assembly where i can check the rollers and sensor, as well as clean the rollers and check the sensors.

\good luck hope this helps! Mikel

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Really useful article. This is the only way to remove paper wrapped around the top roller which can only be seen by peeping through the plastic grid at the back. One would have thought that Dell would have made this more accessible.

"Font input tray" = black plastic fold down lid that the paper lays on. Just push in one of the sides to pop it out, which will then expose two screws.

Thank you Mikel, you got me out of trouble. I'm so pleased I found your instructions. I would just add that when removing the snap-on top bands ease them away from the top and start with the front one from the right hand side and then progress to the left hand one . This process connects well with the way the latches are presented. What others have said, you do have to be a little brutal to get the fiirst latch to release and do use a fairly broad bladed screwdriver. Take your time re-assembling taking note of the way the latches fit to the body. I took a few pictures while doing the job if anyone needs them give me your email address and I'll send them. The_old_bod never wanting to be beaten.

''BE CARE NOT TO BREAK a very fragile plastic rod the rides above the unit.

I have done that and am a still getting the error message.''

So what did you have to do when you broke the plastic rod?

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Thanks for the advice Mikel, for me it worked perfectly ... although it was tricky removing the outer cover ... just had to keep levering at the edge; afraid it would break but suddenly everything came apart like you said. Paper was wrapped around a roller as it was printing very dense black and had stuck to itself.

As Biff said, Dell were no help at all and this is the second time this paper jam has happened - the first time they collected the printer as it was still under guarantee, and replaced it.

It is worth mentioning that it is good practice to select the type of paper when printing photos or labels as it seems that is where I went wrong, printing a photo onto ordinary paper, hence the toner sticking the paper together or onto the rollers.

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Had the same problem with my C1765nfw. After taking the covers and scanner off and taking bits of paper out of the roller bit by bit using a pair of tweezers I thought I had cured my jam.

Put it all back together but now find the display does not work also the push buttons don't work. Took the side cover back off to check the ribbon cables were correctly fitted .They were. Put it back together again. Still no joy.

The display lights up but no Dell logo or any other function info is shown. The machine makes all the start up noises.

I have tried also to reload the software from the supplied disc.

Still no luck.

Has anyone any suggestions.

John w

@johnb , You are correct about the paper type. The printer will print/fuse an image at different speeds and quality depending on the type of paper. Heavier paper needs more heat at the fuser to fuse the toner to the paper.

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Biff, I think the problem is with the ribbon connectors; my printer stopped working and had no display after this happened a second time. I took it along to a workshop where they try to fix anything and the electronics guy agreed I have probably damaged the tiny contacts at the ends of the ribbons, so have a look at those. Not much hope of replacing them, given how unhelpful Dell are. A great pity, it was a superb printer....

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This procedure can almost be applied to the similar 1350cnw printer (without scanner and fax feed tray). Open the back cover, release the blue tabs by lifting upwards and carefully remove any screws that are obviously holding the top cover in place (mine had already been removed and lost, I assume!). Then with a flat bladed screwdriver or similar tool, lever out the corners of the top cover. I broke the tabs of one that hold these in but they do go back with a bit of brute force and a small supply of ignorance. You will see two black screws - Do Not remove these, the cover lifts over them. Once you have the corners released, go round the rest of the back part of the top cover, releasing it from the sides and pulling the edcge up, until you can see the paper, possibly concertinered up against the roller. If you can get a purchase on the end of the concertina (or if you prefer, accordion) poke a screwdriver into the end and carefully drag it out to the side or back. Make sure you have a complete sheet and there are no tiny bits left inside. I have done this twice and no ill effects. Put the corners back as best you can, secure with tape if you have to, and tuck in the top cover as you do so. Replace any screws and relax, it should now work again. What a pity Dell don’t reveal these procedures. I guess they want to sell us another printer. Not me!

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Ok, Dell was some help! Plug in the power, make sure there is paper in the tray. Press the "AC" button until the paper starts to feed. If there is a tiny bit of paper in the printer, it will (should - did for me) spit out the sheet that just fed through AND the tiny piece that's causing the error.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for this! I was going to attempt the daunting task of dismantling my printer, but I'm so glad I tried this first. It worked!

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I had this problem some time ago with my C1660w and yes, Bill, I can confirm that your instructions work well. I would add just a few words and that is “take your time and have a small box available to store screws etc”.

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I removed front cover and two screws for scanner bed, bit scanner bed does not come out easily, anything else I need to do or just brute force pull ?

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