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iPhone 4s camera not focusing after a camera unit replacement


My iPhone's camera focus stopped working, I did some research and found out many people solved the problem by hitting the phone at the back and front or do a full restore and start as a new phone but any of that does not solved my problem. So I decided to change the camera unit, but even this does not helped.

My question is that is there any chance that the replacement camera unit is a faulty as well (and I have to buy another one) or there are any other reasons the camera should not focusing?

Thanks for your help.

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You have different quality camera replacement units. The original one's have auto focus, there are also some copy parts on the market wich don't have the focus. I am not sure what kind of part you used as replacement?

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This is the camera what I got:

I tried to Google the type number on the back but I got nothing.

But anyway, do you think if I purchase another camera (witch is hopefully better quality) it will work with focus?

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