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Nano 6 screen replacement 1 or 2 connectors?


Sadly I broke the screen of my Ipod Nano 6th generation. I watched some assembly videos to apply a new screen myself.

When I looked on the internet I saw that there were screens with one and two connectors. The one's with one connector much cheaper. Alltough they often use the one with two connectors in assemly videos.

My question is what the differences betweet these screens are?

Many Thanks,


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look here at step 8:

iPod Nano 6th Generation 2011 Teardown

There are two connectors, one for the touch screen, and one for the display. May be you found only the screen like a spare part. But it's difficult to separate touch screen from the display. If you haven't enough experience, it's more good idea to order full set (LCD+Touch screen).


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Thanks for your help!

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