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Kenmore Refrigerator 106.8596880 cooling won't stay on?

My Kenmore refrigerator 106.8596880 stopped cooling/freezing. I I bought a new thermostat control only to discovered after I installed it, that it was not an exact parts match, it fit but the dial numbering is off. The part number was the same but I found out later that this part comes in different models based on the specific unit. Anywho, the fridge started cooling so I was fine once I determined what was high, low, off, on. After about a few days, the fridge was dead silent though it had power, as the lights worked. I tapped the temperature control housing and it came on and began to cool however, I found it randomly stops cooling and I have to give it a few sharp taps to get it to start running. The fridge has an energy saver switch that I use to alert me when the fridge is not running as it should. If the light is out, I give sharply tap til the light comes on which indicates that fridge is cooling. I need to fix this problem once and for all!

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This year (some 3 years later, fridge went out again only this year it was the controller. After part was replaced it still wouldn't cool. Then I recalled from 2014, the need to thaw the freezer coils. Once this was done web were back in action!

Remember to check the freezer coils for frost/ice build up. It may require you to remove the remove the coil cover. Ice build up must be thawed and removed or the freezer won't still won't begin to freeze even after replacing thermostat, controller,v etc. You can expedite the thawing process by using a blow dryer to melt the ice buildup. Be careful using this method.

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Hi, after researching this problem on my own and running some tests, I discovered the problem is a sticking defrost timer. As instructed, I took a screwdriver and and manually turned the timer a bit and the fridge kicked on. A quick replacement of a $15.00 +/- part has saved me from buying a new fridge!

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If this can help some, my Kenmore refrigerator stopped running too but I discovered that by tapping on the control box inside the fridge, it would start again. Some mentioned in that case we should change the thermostat control unit but that did not make sense to me. I was not taping the control only the outer case and not that hard. So I took the two screws off only to find out I could stop and starts the fridge just by playing with the wires attached to the control. Both connectors were loose. I took needle pliers and squeezed the terminals so the connections are tight again. Voilà!

There's a video on YouTube about changing the thermostat that has the exact same control has mine. I did not took the whole thing apart. Just unscrew the two nuts and tighten the two wires ( in his case, the black and orange wire )

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