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Samsung Galaxy S4 모델 i9505는 13-megapixel 후면 카메라 및 5-inch 1080p 화면이 특징입니다.

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Only the top 15% of the screen works?

Hello my Ifixit friends! I have the WEIRDEST problem I've ever had with a phone.

Customer dropped and broke the screen on her S4. When replacing the screen, the following happend;

Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-19505)

When I star the phone, I get the Samsung Symbol whirling around. If the battery is low, I see the entire battery symbol towards the bottom of the screen.

However. When I get through the Samsung logos etc to the "desktop" I only get the top 15% of the screen. After a while a collegue and I quickly realized the screen we are seeing is the screen that would normally show if you had a "S-View" backside on. With the little see through window at the top.

This phone has a normal backside on, however.

We tried putting on a S-View cover on, and then removing it however the screen stays the same.

When we did a total reset on the phone we see the entire screen, from top to bottom. However. As soon as we go back into the normal booting and get to the "desktop" the problem remains.

Some very knowledgable person knows how the case works together with the phone? I know it works with magnets, but where/how do they interact? Could help me locate the problem. :)

Thanks for all the help!

/EDIT Due to archving.. Not enough info? I've written a book here! :)

/EDIT#2 Due to archiving.

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Bit more information: I believe the problem is the Hall Sensor which is responsible for sensing when the S-view cover is closed/open. However I do not know enough to locate which componet is the hall sensor. Tried googling around for a few hours to no avail - if any one has a full schematic of the S4 board I'd be very much obliged! (Or, know the location of the Hall Sensor.) :)

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Really strange problem. I want to now, do you fix it.

Do you check the S-View pin-outs at the back side of the phone for the short circuit. I haven't scheme manual for this model. I will try to find and check the S-Video lines on the mother board.

But I'm not sure that this is S-Video pinouts problem. Do you try with another LCD Display. You have a problem when you have full information at your LCD and no problem when you have a small information on it. May be this is a problem with the power supply to the LCD (the problem appears when the LCD have big consumption if I understand you well). May be this is a problem with the flex connector or with the video i.c.

Tell us what happened!


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Nope, haven't fixed it yet. But I refuse to give up! Using my "free" time at work to try and fix it. Been really busy under summer time though so I haven't been able to do much with it.

Hello Zfix, and thank you for yoru post! I had no idea there were S-View pins in the phone what so ever.. As for the screen, I've tried there different ones and I use Samsungs Original (I get them directly from Samsung)

I've tried changing out every "loose" piece,

Screen, Camera(Front and Back) , Dock, Antenna, Vibrator, Sim Card Reader, and external speaker.

If you could get me a schematic or even a picture of the pins you are talking about, that'd be great. Otherwise I have no idea what to look for. :)

But thanks again for you reply, much appreciated!

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Look the phone under the battery cover. You have two double outlets, over the SIM holder and the memory holder. Between them is the flash.

In your S-cover you have connectors at the same place. They are for recognizing your S-view cover. Check the lines of this connectors and check them for a short circuit. Your phone behaves as he have S-cover without cover.

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