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PowerBook G4 Aluminum 노트북 15 인치 화면

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How do I fix a white blank screen?

when ever i turn on the device all i get is a white blank screen no logo or icons on the screen just a white blank screen. the power up sound plays and thats pretty much it

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This usually indicates a failed hard drive. Try starting up from your original system installation disk and run Disk Utilities to see if the system has been corrupted.

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Has it been sitting for a year since you last asked about the same question? Did you get it fixed last year? It gets confusing when you are asking half the question here and the other half on another question and giving the answer I need here on the other question. If you don't have the disk you can put it into Target Mode using another Mac. Do you have a hard drive back up? Are you still getting the black question mark?

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