Released in 2010, the Flip Mino HD is a pocket-sized camcorder with 4 GB and one hour of shooting capacity.

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The power button has snapped off the Mino Hd circuit board


I followed your instructions in your video 'Flip MinoHD Teardown', and took mine apart to discover that the power button / switch has broken off the circuit board completely.

I have been looking for months trying to order a new power button and has been virtually impossible to find the exact same one.

Does anyone know where I can order this power button from? or does anyone know the name and specifications of this button?

I have no idea who makes it or how to identify it.

Please help if possible


please can anyone help?

It can be seen clearly on the Andrew Bookholt teardown at step 18.

Flip MinoHD Teardown

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I am trying to be patient with this as it has already taken nearly a year.

Are there any experts that can help by looking at the photo of the circuit board diagram please?

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Parts like that are quite hard to find, my first recommendation would be to just find a "broken" one on ebay and part that out. You would be able to find the same/similar part here or, but I must say you have to know what you are looking for. If you can take a close up picture of the switch and the pads on the board I can guide you. Also you'll need to have a soldering iron with a small tip, no cheap clunky radioshack one will help. good luck!

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Thankyou so much for your reply.

I added the link to a Ifixit teardown which clearly shows the circuit

(this is the picture of it in step 18 on this link

Flip MinoHD Teardown)

Flip MinoHD Teardown

board and the power button but i cannot name it.

I have just bought a spare faulty one on ebay which cost 20 quid, i have done this blind as the device is faulty because it wont power on, i am hoping that it doesnt have the same fault as mine!

I do have a small tipped soldering iron also and I am ready for diving in.


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This is the exact photo of the Zoran coach circuit board and the power button is on the top right corner.

I have just received a reply from cisco who say they cannot help with the question as they have washed their hands with the flip which I consider to be one of the best cameras produced.

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they have just sent me this Guide me Faq,

where the agent seems to be an automated robot replying to my question and it just goes round in circles. This guide would be useful if it was a different issue but they wont tell me anything about the power button on the cicuit board!

This guide me may be useful to someone else on here.

This is so frustrating as it is taking moths to sort this out.

please help any one.


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i would however like to know what type of tactile side switches these are so that i can purchase them. any help?

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can you take a picture of the board from the side profile, bottom, and top with the switch removed. At least a couple shots. Then do the same with the switch. I can direct you better then.

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