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Need a solenoid and starter for 1991 JC Penny Riding Lawn Mower

Hello, I have a 1991 JC Penny riding mower. The engine turns over slowly, and now the solenoid melted. My research suggests the starter needs replacing and is drawing too many amps.

I am sure I can get a starter for the Briggs and Straton engine. But a solenoid is a different story. Can I use just any solenoid, for example, just buy one for an auto, say a toyota corolla, and use it in my mower? Or must the solenoid be the right size/specifications?



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jim kroger, yes you can. the solenoid is really just like a relay. It use a small current from the ignition key circuit to close the circuit to a large current to the starter. I n principle, all of them have the same function. You will just have to make sure that the voltage is equal. i.e. 6V and 12V but I do believe that you are having a 12V circuit anyway. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Not only what old turkey stated, but using one from an auto is not the way because of the design of the magnetic coils within it. They'll chew up a battery really quick, they have more electrical coils in it. Go to to your local lawn mower parts supplier such as Napa, Orschlin or the like, take a picture of the relay if you can and grab the model of the mower. The reason for this is because the safety part of the relay is different for each model. Sometimes there is an extra wire that is attached that goes to the other safety switches, ergo the operator seat switch and the like. Some models have it on the left side of the relay and some have it on the right and there is a few models that do not have one at all. That's the reason for the pics and th model number.

As a helper you can also go to parts, to find the part number of the relay if you have model number. Good luck!

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