Where is this models internal pram battery?

I want to check the condition of the pram battery before I close up this case so that I can replace it if it's weak. The component that appears to be a battery doesn't appear to be removable. It's different than any other pram battery I've ever seen, but, it does look like a small button cell. Or, it could be a capacitor. I didn't find a reference to it in the troubleshooting guides so I didn't even look at the teardown for it. I'm sorry if it's in there! Next time I'll look before I type!

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The 12" has no PRAM battery.

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hi when my battery is removed or allowed to run out. when i turn on my laptop its clock has reset... is this a pram battery problem in an ordinary pc? what would be a solution for this in my g4?


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in response to vapidmorris: When my G4 starts giving me warnings that my clock has reset, I take a 48hr block of time when I can leave it in the off position, plugged into a power source, with the rechargeable battery REMOVED. This is important because while that battery is still in it is going to suck up every bit of power that comes into the machine. If you remove it, then all of the power goes straight to the internal battery and reconditions it. You'll notice that it will boot up faster, and find things in searches much faster than it did before. It's not important that all 48 hrs be uninterrupted. But you should try to give it at least the first 24hrs and then just remember to set it up every night before you sleep. until it reaches a total of 48 hrs. After this attempt to recondition the internal (pram) battery, if it still gives that warning after removing all power then the pram battery needs replaced. But it's always better to try this first cause they can be a pain to get to. Hope this helps!


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Since you have no PRAM Battery, just a capacitor on the motherboard, can you give us any links to support your statements?

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