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When I boot up, it doesn't

When the window with the blue bar looks to be finished it just keeps scrolling and the computer doesn't boot. I've tried to use the CD disk an it won't recognize the drive with "C" pressed at start up. I've tried to select a different startup drive, re-set the PRAM and all the combinations. I am running Mac OS X but was using OS 9 with an older Photoshop app the last time it was working. Please help! If you recognize the problem and I need to get it serviced, is my hard drive toast? Or, is there hope?

Thanks, Lucy

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Have you connected it via firewire to another mac and tried the target modus?

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Test the drive in another box or boot to an external drive?

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Lucy I seem to recall that sometimes the computer can become confused in a dual boot situation. You may have tried this but here is a link for the option start that may help. You might also try Option X on boot and see if you can get into OS 10 to sort this out, Ralph


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good + also Lucy, how was your date and time holding up? Were they correct? Was your printer dropping off line?

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