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LCD panel remains black

I installed a 250 gig SSD drive and I installed 4 Gigs of memory. After installing the drive ... my front panel no longer lights up..I have checked for loos wires and or connections. I have also tried reversing connections to the LCD panel..Are they polarity orientated? I honestly don't know.

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Start over and do one thing at a time. Replace the old hard drive and the old RAM and try to boot. See if the DVD is working, boot from a DVD. Then change the hard drive and clone your system or format the new drive and install a new system. If all is well, go for the RAM, one stick at a time. You tried to do to much without checking each step.

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Check the RAM

seating - any startup beeps or lights?

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I found out that one of the Ram modules was corrupting my hard drive. I installed the old drive and my system booted up. I installed my original memory to star and then added one off the upgrade modules. The system recognized that upgrade..I then installed the second memory module, and once again my operating system became corrupted. I re-installed my SSD Drive went back to my original Memory module, and reinstalled the operating system. I believe one of the modules is faulty, and that is what cause my whole problem. With the new memory Modules installed I did not even have my screen powering up...I appreciate the comments and help..If we share our information, we shall be able to conquer all problems..but only if we do it one piece at a time..excellent advice.

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