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Battery not charging after Display replacement


I replaced an iPhone 5S Display. Unfortunately the battery is not charging after I did this.

Now I bought a new battery but still the same problem.

The iPhone works but battery status remains on 21%.

If I plug the old display in, battery is not charging as well.

Battery contacts seems to be OK.

Any Idea how to solve this?

Thank you.



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Only way is to try a new charging port if that fails then you have damaged contacts on the logicboard

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Charging port is OK. The iPhone shows that it's charging and has the flash next to the battery symbol. But the battery status is still 28%.

Seems that I have damaged the logic board :/

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Do a restore it could be a bug

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I've just come across the same problem and have found it will charge but without the screen clipped into the body. Can't figure out what's causing the problem when the screen is in the frame

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