Why isn't my Gateway NV55C turning on, but the charge light is on

Hi, my name is Nikita. My laptop has a few problems that are caused by some parts braking. I purchased the parts that I need, except for one. I don't know what it's called. I have a gateway nv55c laptop. It has a power button board that is connected to the motherboard through a cable. It's actually connected to a little particle that is about 2 centimeters by about 8 millimeters big. There was a short circuit or something, anyway, this part got burnt and is missing chunks of plastic that we're supposed to hold the power button cable. Any clues what it's called?

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I have a similar problem. I found out I can boot the laptop if I remove the battery. Ibviouslt, that is a poor solution when you don't have an AC supply.

Do you have a diagram of that area of the laptop? I haven't found a reasonable manual to attempt even looking for the problem.

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