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Mac Pro 2006 Power Supply

How do you replace the power supply in a Mac Pro?

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With great difficulty and the original installation disks to be able to run the fans syncing software. First, let's see if you need to do this. What are your symptoms? What is your EXACT model (information is found after removing door and looking on the bottom of the opening.

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I have a Mac Pro 1,1. It has been a tough work horse. Yesterday it shut itself down. I thought nothing of it. Today it won't start. No lights, no sound... nothing. Plugged it into a different power source. Nothing. Should I replace the power supply?

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Ken, that would be my first move.

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Also if your experienced enough, it sounds like the caps are bad. You can replace them for only a few dollars and it will be good and working if that was the issue.

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@cam2363 What was said to make you believe the caps are bad? What caps, where?

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Im not sure @mayer mayer

Ive never owned a mac pro, much less seen the inside much less seen the inside of a psu. Normally when a psu fails randomly, i find that there are normally bad caps. If thats the case, bad caps are MUCH cheaper then a new psu in almost every single case.

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