Teddy Ruxpin is a children's toy talking bear. The bear would move his mouth and eyes while 'reading' stories which were played on an audio tape cassette deck built into his back.

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The casette player wont turn on

I put 4 AA batteries in my teddy and put the cartridge in but the casette player will not turn on?

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TheLemmy Corperations, check on here for great help with Teddy. "The tape players do not work with the door up so make sure the door is closing all the way. The plastic tape players are designed so that if there is no tape in the player, it will not run. They also is a tab on the plastic player that the tape actually

pushes when the tape is put in and the doors close to activate the tape player. This modification was done to solve the problem with the metal tape players where the child takes the tape out, closes the door, and doesn't shut off the ON/OFF wheel. When they close the door the tape player comes on and runs the batteries down. Sometimes the tab on the plastic tape player breaks off and that is the reason the player will not run. There is also a

spring on the plastic tape player that breaks off and when Teddy is opened for repair, this spring is usually found stuck to the speaker as the speaker is magnitized. Just remember the sitting of the tape is very important. Sometimes it even shifts enough during the playing of the tape that if you shut Teddy off and then turn him on again, he will not work until you take the tape out and put it back in and shut the door. If none of these things work, you

will have to have Teddy opened up to find the problem.will have to have Teddy opened up to find the problem." Hope this helps, good luck.

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