How can I unlock iPod stuck on lock after charging?

Please help me to unlock my iPod.

I plugged my iPod into a wall outlet while the "hold" switch was in the hold position to charge the battery overnight. The next day I switched it off hold, but the "lock" icon remained on the screen rendering the front wheel controls useless. Here are the steps I took:

1) I repeatedly tried the Apple method for resetting the iPod without success.

2) I let it mount into iTunes and added a song from my iTunes library, then I unmounted it. That did nothing.

3) I attempted to drain the battery by leaving it plugged into the USB after I turned off my Mac hoping that would reset it. It didn't drain. (It should have. When I first bought it, I learned about that by accident.) I can't constantly turn it on to drain the battery because it turns itself off too frequently.

4) I opened it to disconnect the battery hoping that would reset it. It didn't. I got the restart apple once, but then it just shut off again and remained locked.

(I should also mention that the headphone jack and battery are relatively new [purchased from ifixit in June and August, respectively, in 2013].)

The lock icon is still showing on the screen. Help!

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