A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Where is the battery temperature sensor?

Since repairing the screen, I have noticed that the battery temperature sometimes registers as -30.0 deg C. This causes the phone to not charge and also will not boot up. I found that a good old knock against the back cover sometimes fixes the problem temporarily, but it's far from ideal.

I would like to know where the battery temperature sensor is located, to know what i have to replace (I'm expecting this to be built into the battery but I'd rather confirm first)

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Solved it.

The sensor is on the lower left, in the inside of the cover.

I tried shorting the contacts of the sensor on the phone side, while plugging in the charger.

This bypassed the initial temp control. And... it CHARGED!

So, if this works for you, changing the back cover should be a permanent solution.

If it doesn´t work, the fix should be to change battery flex.

Don't short the contacts as a permanent solution, the temperature sensor also prevents the battery from overheating and blowing up.

Good Luck,


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I got the same problem when I changed my G2's display. It could not be charging while it was ON but only while it was turned off. It could open once it was fully charged though very slowly.

As Kevin said somehow the battery temperature was read -30 degree and the android stopped the phone to charge. I found a temporary solution by setting the battery fake mode on in the hidden menu (3845*#802# to enter hidden mode >> Battery>> fake mode on/off. Note: 802 is the phone model number, replace it with your phone model number). In that way the battery charge is shown always as 80% but it will be charged and you can turn fake mode off again to see the battery charge.

However, it was working for me for a couple of weeks after that It turned off while it wasfully charged.

I opened my phone back cover and take out the battery. I realized that the guy who replaced the battery had not removed the protective plastic film on the back of new display to place the battery again. When removed it worked!!! :)))

I think there is a grounding or maybe a temperature sensor on the back of the battery which somehow grounds the battery to the chasis via the black adhesive film on the back of display platform. Just check if the battery is placed properly without any gap or spacing to its position.

Good Luck,


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Same problem here, but sort of solved it.

The temperature sensor is in the inside of back cover, the two contacts on the bottom.

I got the phone to charge, by shorting these out while plugging in the charger.

So, if this works for you, then changing the back cover (with sensor and all) is the solution.

If it doesn't, then the best bet is changing the battery flex.

Hope it helps,


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