A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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lg g2 won't charge, low temperature

lg g2 will not charge

It says low temperature, unable to charge

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the problem is related to the battery temperature sensor .. i tried everything like hairdryer ... reassembling the phone etc but nothing worked

than i came to to a solution when i was moving through the service menu (launched by the code 3845#*800# as my device is d800 for other models code will be like 3845#*model no# eg; for d801 put 801 in place of model no )

now you can move to setting tab

than in setting press battery tab

here press battery fake mode and turn it on

thats it now it will charge ....

however it will show always a fixed level of battery like 80% or something else but it will charge ....

if you want to see how much it has charged just turn off the fake battery mode and it will show you how much battery is there ....

if it works and you got your phone working and useful again you can donate me a beer ...... on paypal dslogics@gmail.com

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I did it ^^ ,It's working. Thank you soooo much bro. I'm appreciate

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this solution looks promising, i would advise other consumers never to buy LG G2 products, they are so faulty <fake camera, charging issues, cant reboot etc>

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Yeah I've been hearing hardware defect issues on the LG G series lineup. Including the famous boot loop that is at most times in repairable.

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Hey i have the same problem and i fixed it by very simple and easy way .. i hope if u r still having the issue you will contact me on Facebook ,text me i will show you how it works.. you will be happy to see the solution .

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Hi Yahya khan i'm having the same issue now. Can you share how you fixed it?

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This is a 'how to' site. You really should post How To fix the problem rather than have readers message you directly.

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My friend i dont think so that its a battery sensor problem, because i have replaced four batteries but the problem is same it still give the same message "Low Temperature crap" and when i restart the phone wont turn on.

and than to turn it on again i have to open the back cover and press the bettery connector and power button than it gets on. (and i have to do it 4 to 5 time than only its on, sometimes iam lucky, so it gets on in first attempt only.

please guide me if u have a proper solution for this, mine is also D800 same as urs.

Thanks a ton


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From my experience I had a similar problem with charging. when the phone is turned off and i plug it in it shows that charging but actually not. I had to change the flex cable that is attached with the charge port. and solved the issue.

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