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Why does my MacBook air not boot up?

Yesterday my MacBook Air decided not to boot up, what came up was an Apple sign and down the bottom it stared to boot up but within five seconds it shuts down there has not been any water damage but it was dropped about a week ago my only solution was to do command s and I typed in /sbin/fsck -fy and what came up was the volume H D could not be modified properly so I'm not really sure what to do next i'm not actually sure if this is the right thing to do can you help?

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Sounds like the fall munged the on board SSD. In order to modify files from ssh you have to know what you're doing.

have you tried a R boot or a Safe (shift boot)? I would start there.

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I have tried both those options it comes up with disk error and again the Macintosh hd can not be verified properly the lady at the Apple Store said it is probably a hard drive problem but I want to see if anyone had a solution before I take it to the shop?

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There are no software fixes for hardware problems. Replacing the damaged drive would be the only solution.

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Sorry for the late answer but I just found this:

MacBook Air Flash Storage Drive Replacement Program

Apple has determined that certain 64GB and 128GB flash storage drives used in the previous generation of MacBook Air systems may fail. These systems were sold between June 2012 through June 2013.

Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) will repair or replace affected flash storage drives, free of charge.

If you ran a firmware update and were directed to this web page, skip to Replacement Process section for next steps.

To see if your drive may be affected, go to the Mac App Store, click on Updates and choose the MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.1.

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