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Loca glue separating after cure

Hello there guys, need a little bit of help. A while ago I cracked my galaxy s4 glass and decided to fix it myself. I successfully separated the glass from the LCD cleaned the LCD, applied loca glue. This is where the first problem occurred, I could not get the glass to lay flat and without lifting when trying to cure glue so i cured the glue applying pressure to the screen and after 45 mins of curing it looked perfect. After 14 days the glue began to, i guess re-liquify/lift. I was thoroughly confused to proceeded to but another kit with different loca glue. This time I managed to get the glass the lay flat and perfect with no bubbles and no need to apply pressure. So i played the phone to set in the sun for 90 mins and then put under a uv lamp for 15 mins. Once again screen looked perfect but this time after just 2 days the glue one again began to re-liquify/lift ? again. I need to find a way to get my glass to cure properly without the need of an autoclave or any really expensive tools.

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I just got through cleaning up after a similar problem. In my case I really believe the glue was too old. I called the eBay source where I got it and was told age shouldn't cause any problem. Have I got news for them!!! When I got the display together I had a few bubbles, so I knew I would have to fix it again. This was my first time using LOCA. I was feeling pretty good that I didn't have any major problems...until I separated it...OMG!

Some of the glue had cured but was soft and looked a bit like cottage cheese but clear. Mine also had thick places of cured glue among other areas where it did not cure at all. As you already know, all this makes for one !&&*-of-a big mess to clean! From the LCD to the digitizer, LCD separator machine and the LCD alignment machine! That's not to even mention the work bench...

I know there was not an issue with getting enough of the light, it was there for more than an hour. No, after an intense search and reading till my eyes bled, I have come to the conclusion that the glue I had was too old to be used. So, what I had bought over 6 months ago is now history! I hope that my unfortunate toil can do somebody some good. I know it's a lesson I'll never forget.

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