Won't crank or start in cold weather

I got a 2005 cavalier 2.2. The starter and battery have been replaced new. Not check engine lights. Car has been running great since the starter was changed. Since it got cold below 75 degrees Celsius the car no longer starts or cranks. I've checked the pcm for corrosion. I've checked all the fuses. Any thoughts?

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Check all your grounds for corrosion. Take them off, clean surfaces and re-install. Use a voltage meter and check volts to battery and starter before and while trying to crank it over. Also check continuity between starter and ground while trying to crank it over. be careful not to touch anything metal to positive and ground at the same time. PS: 12volt car battery will not shock you. voltage at battery and starter is safe to touch...but once it goes through the coils beware...then it can shock you. If you touch metal to both positive and ground/negative at the same time it can and will spark and arc...like welding...it can burn you and can be very dangerous. please take necessary caution.

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