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Water flows into the ice machine when using the door dispensor

Heres my issue, When using the water dispenser in the door of my refrigerator, water flows from the refrigerator door and also flows into the ice machine. I have changed the water valve and this was happening prior to and after the changing of the valve. I confirmed what is happening by having the door open (used tape to hold the door switch closed) and used the water dispenser in the door and observed the water flow from the ice machine fill tube, water flows from the fill tube almost as much as the door dispenser. When I changed the water valve I replaced the wires exactly how they were when they were on the old water valve (the old water valve was the original and has never been replaced or worked on). The ice machine produces ice perfectly unless the door water dispenser is used. What could be causing this issue????

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Most inlet valves have 2 coils with 2 wires to each coil. The ice maker has a switch to activate 1 coil and the water dispenser has a separate switch to activate the other. Wired correctly, I'd start by checking the ground wire. Where did you attach the ground wire?

Some refridgerators have a secondary valve. If you have this type and didn't replace both, then I'd say that one is sticking open. I hope this helps.

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