A unibody aluminum generation of the Mac mini identifiable by the model number A1347, spanning the Mid 2010 to the currently sold Late 2014 model.

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Hard Drive Upgrade possibilities?

Will the new Western Digital Velociraptor 2.5 inch 600GB fit into this new mac mini? It is thicker at 15mm vs. the typical 9.5mm.

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No, that's too thick to fit, it can be upgraded up to 500GB, or you can buy the server version, which contains two 500GB hard drives, amounting to a total of 1TB.

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I'm pretty sure you'll be able to soon get a kit to do that though, like with MacBooks, to swap out the optical drive for an extra hard disk.

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The optical kit should work with the mac mini as it still uses the SATA with the 12v and 5v pins for power so you can just do the same thing here

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Update (06/18/2016)

I've just swapped out my Hitachi 750GB for a Samsung 2TB SSD (AUS$850).



Only 9.5mm thick drives will fit. I believe the following are your only possibilities:

Samsung's 640GB 9.5mm hard drive


Seagates 750GB 9.5mm hard drive


Western Digital's 750GB 9.5mm hard drive


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And what with Momentus® XT 9.7mm?

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