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I've tried the manual reset and reboot but the screen is stuck

I have a samsung galaxy tab 3. 7" tablet. We bought it from someone and tried to reset the factory settings. It didn't work so I looked on the internet and found how to do a manual reset and reboot. I've done all of this and the screen just gets stuck on the Samsung logo and won't go any further.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

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I suppose you did a Factory reset from the Android System Recovery menu. From this menu, make first "wipe cache partition", then "wipe data / factory reset".

If this not help you, and if the tablet was worked normally before, you must to reinstall the firmware. Go here:

make registration and download the firmware corresponding to your model. In the download link you will find instruction and Odin application for flashing the tablet.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Password Lock / Hard Reset

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