10.1" Android tablet released in June of 2011. Samsung GT-P7510MA

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The micro USB port is faulty and the unit will not charge

A tiny piece of plastic that surrounded the internal pins of the usb charging port fell out. For a while the unit would charge if the charger cable plug was angled at a certain position but now the unit has run out of battery and will not charge at all. Can I replace the usb charger port on the unit?

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Does anyone know what I will need to replace to get the usb port replaced? Is that port on the motherboard?

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You can get the part on eBay it runs around $5 - $8 , comes with the tools to fix it.

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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Hi Cynthia Pepper

Here is a link which shows how to open the tab. At 1:00 minute in it shows the I/O cable. The USB port is part of the cable - see second link below. The first link shows how to remove it from the motherboard but not from the case. Unfortunately you'll have to work that out for yourself. If you find a video for a screen replacement it might show you how - I couldn't find one for your particular model Tab.


Here is a link which shows what the part looks like. It is not a recommendation either way to purchase from the seller.


Hopefully this is of some help.

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you will need to take the back cover off with a guitar pick or something to pry it open, you can pry the frame off the tablet with a guitar pick, be careful while prying frame. you will need to take the frame off to snap in the cable. try this supplier. http://www.mobiledefenders.com/charging-...

once the tablet is opened replace the charge port with the cable and screw the charge port to the tablet and put tablet back together by snapping the frame and back cover back.

there are some videos on you tube to show how. Hope this helps.

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